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Strategic Business Solutions & Management Consultancy

Offering comprehensive planning services, including feasibility studies and market
analysis, to ensure the viability and sustainability of biomass power projects.

Trading & Product Supply Chain Management

Focus on the sourcing and distribution & trade of commodities, innovative healthcare products primarily from Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Japan. 


Our Story

Started in 2021, Deus Ex Capital was set up with just two employees, offering Business Solutions and Management Consultancy to SMEs during the covid pandemic. We support communities, supply chains and businesses with strategy, research and innovation, efficiency tools, and hands-on assurance and communications on their problems.

The company also focus on the sourcing, distribution and trading of merchandise and Innovative Healthcare related household products primarily from Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Japan. 

The scope and reach of our work continues to grow with the expansion of advice and business services, research and consultancy. With events which accelerated the awareness of the need for energy conservation and related product and services from 2022.

Our scope has then broadened as our company has matured. We now make connections between Asia biomass fuel users, and have reinforced the critical need for energy efficiency and carbon reduction on our Planet.

We are a passionate team, dedicated to making change happen. We’ve come a long way already and our role will remain vital in always providing for our customers and clients first.


Our Bio-Mass Mission

We aim to transform the biomass industry by implementing innovative practices and responsibly utilizing woody resources. Our dedication lies in providing high-quality biomass products, building strong partnerships, and championing a cleaner, greener planet through sustainable energy solutions.

Our Products

We understand Biomass producers and users must meet a range of stringent measures for their biomass to be certified as sustainable and responsibly sourced. We are dedicated to meet your expectations.