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Biomass Products

We understand Biomass producers and users must meet a range of stringent measures for their biomass to be certified as sustainable and responsibly sourced. We are dedicated to meet your expectations.

Palm Kernel Shells

Powerful Potential Encased: Unleash clean energy with palm kernel shells, nature’s gift for sustainable power generation

Wood Pellets

Compact Energy, Limitless Possibilities: Wood pellets – your pathway to efficient heating and greener industries

Chemical free
 Low Ash
 Variable moisture 
pleasant aroma
 Bacteria Free
 Improved Shelf Life

Palm Kernel Shells

Our commitment to quality, sustainability, and innovation ensures you’re making a responsible choice for both your energy needs and the planet.

Product information :

Origin :
Sustainably sourced from palm fruit processing industries.

Calorific value :
High energy content for efficient combustion

Particle Size :
Available in various sizes for different applications.

Moisture Content :
Low moisture for optimal burning efficiency.

Packaging :
customized packaging options for easy transport and storage

Applications :
Power plants, cogeneration systems, heating, and more.

Advantages :
Renewable, carbon-neutral, reduces waste, and supports eco-conscious practices.

Wood Pellets

Our commitment to quality and sustainability ensures you’re investing in a cleaner future while enjoying the warmth and benefits of natural wood-based energy. Contact us to explore the potential of wood pellets in transforming your energy landscape towards greater efficiency and environmental consciousness.

Product information :

Composition :

Made from Natural Wood Fibres, free from additives or binders.

Energy density :

High calorific value ensures efficient and consistent heat output.

Uniformity :

Uniform size and shape for optimized combustion and minimal ash.

Packaging :
Convenient packaging options for easy handling and storage.

Applications :
Residential heating, industrial boilers, power plants, and more.

Advantages :
Clean combustion, reduced carbon footprint, and renewable energy source.